Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Injector Removal – A real pain in the cylinder head…….

When it comes to common rail fuel injector removal, it is true to say that performing such a job can be a real nightmare and if the injector is not pulled perfectly straight out of the cylinder head, then any deviation can cause the injector to lock into head which can then lead to broken off injector tips……Big trouble!

The NEW 18580000 - Hydraulic injector puller kit is designed to apply 10 Tonnes of vertical pulling force, to help in the removal of seized fuel injectors on modern diesel engines; this kit is compact, so very useful where there is not enough clearance above the injectors for traditional slide hammer pullers to operate.

Inject......arrghhh! - Desperate DIY'ers Attempts

We had to share the above image with you to show you what measures certain people have gone to  remove a stubborn injector using washers, nails, screws, name it! Anyone care to own up to the above contraptions?!! 

Please CLICK HERE to watch a video of the hydraulic injector puller kit in action

To make common rail injectors last longer (often more than double their standard life) before failing, we recommend using a high quality diesel additive and if you are struggling to find a good one… give United Diesel a call on +44(0) 1939 291155, or visit their website:

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